Are you interested in patterns of flowers, plants and everything that nature has to offer?

Are you curious about the inspiration behind a pattern collection?

Are you excited about peeking at behind-the-scenes and side projects that a designer might have going on?

If any or all of the above applied to you, then you have come to the right place.

I’m Linh and welcome to my patterned world at PaperBox Prints.

Though my love for pattern starts out quite late, I’ve always been interested in creative projects since my younger years; perhaps partly because my father is an artist. I drew and painted a lot and even got prizes from international competition. However I decided to turn to a more practical choice for my university, interior design. Even though I worked for an interior design firm for a year, I find myself still drawn to creating my own work. And I find the perfect outlet for my creativity in making pattern. I can sketch, I can draw on computer, I can even making ebook of pattern. The world of pattern is joyful and open, it’s a really fun feeling to be able to turn whatever I’m interested into a pattern. Imagine ice cream times infinity.  It’s really a perfect world, and I want to share this world with you.

Once I started paying attention to designing patterns, I can see patterns verywhere I go, on people clothes, bedding, plates, curtains – I can go on and on. It’s very exciting and it keeps me inspired to create my own pattern collections.

I am so glad to be in this perfect world and I want to share it with you.

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