7 Easy Ideas for Last Minute Gift Wrapping + Free Printable Gift Tags


It’s that time of the year again when you find yourself rushing around trying to scramble those last minutes presents for your friends and family. Choosing a suitable gift is satisfactory, so of course you can’t just plunk that down around the tree. After all, the excitement is multiplied by the surprise factor. Thus you’ll have to spend time thinking about wrapping.

Here’s a compilation of 7 easy ways to decorate gift boxes; perfect for those last minutes rush. I know I’ll employ at least 2 of these methods for my own presents!

  1. Washi Tape


Pastel and sparkly washi tape transforms plain white wrapping paper into elegant gift wraps. Molly from Almost Makes Perfect has the perfect guide decorating with washi tape.

  1. Dollies


I personally love this simple wrapping because I have a stack of dollies that I haven’t used. They add a touch of softness to your gift. You can learn some more tips to use dollies from Scarlett of Bluepurpleandscarlett.com.

  1. Buttons


Have some extra button lying around? Then you can use them to make your presents stand out more. The adorable button-up gifts above are one of many examples from Wrappily.


  1. DIY Duo Wrapping Paper


Have you ever find yourself just needing some extra pieces of paper to finish off your wrapping? This DIY Duo Wrapping Paper is perfect for those times.

My favourite part of this method is matching patterns and playing with pretty ribbons. This method takes a little more effort and finesse but you know your carefully chosen presents deserved nothing less! Head over to this guide on Nashville Wraps for some easy-to-follow instructions.

  1. Snowflakes


The overall look of gifts with handmade snowflakes is elegantly simple, but you need to be good with your scissor to cut out your snowflakes. Of course you can choose an easy design. Silvia from Giochi di Carta has a perfect guide for you.

  1. Gold Pen


These gold pens sure bring back memories of my years in high school, preparing my portfolio for art university. Don’t let the ideas of drawing scare you away from trying this out.  It’s super easy to doodle on your gift wrap. Just keep it simple with some stars like what Ashley Lil Blue Boo did and voila, you transformed your gift into something plenty pretty and cute.

  1. Neon Colour String and Gift Tags


This is by far the simpliest idea of decorating gifts.  All you need it some bright colour string to add that extra pop to your gifts, just like what LittleDesignStudio did.

Ready to tackle your gift wrapping yet?

Here are some free gift tags to get you started on your gift wrapping. Print these tags on white heavy card stock and cut to size.


Click this link to download. Have fun wrapping your Christmas gifts! 




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